Service & Repair

Brone's Bike Shop is a professional level shop. Our service department and staff are qualified to fix all makes and models of bicycles ranging from the entry level department store bikes to your top-of-the-line specialty bicycle.  We pride ourselves on doing a excellent job when entrusted to work on your bicycle.   If you are looking for quality and value in a service department then look no further!

Basic Maintenance & Common Repairs
Prices for basic services...
Hourly Labor Rate$40.00
Drive Train Cleaning$49.99
Major Overhaul$179.99
Flat Fix$7.00
Wheel TruingHourly Rate
Derailleur Alignment or AdjustmentHourly Rate
Chain Replacement$6.00
Brake AdjustmentHourly Rate
Cable ReplacementHourly Rate
Hub AdjustmentHourly Rate
Bottom Bracket Replacement$40.00
Headset Replacement$40.00
Fork Installation$50.00
Wheel BuildHourly Rate
Custom Bicycle Fitting$125.00
Quick FitHourly Rate

Custom Bicycle Fittings

We have been doing custom bicycle fittings for 15+ years. If you are looking to get more comfortable or efficient on your current bicycle or want to make sure you are going to purchase a new bicycle that fits you properly you should get a bicycle fitting.

We start by putting your bike on a stationary trainer and have you do some pedaling.  We then discuss in depth how you feel based on the feedback we see from observing you on your bike.  We discuss what you are doing correctly and what you could use work on.  We'll identify those strengths and weakness so you can better understand how you should interact on your bicycle over varied terrain and extended hours in the saddle.  At this point there may be a few minor adjustments to your machine or there may be extensive recommendations for drastic changes?  We let you decide how much you want to change in search of that 'perfect' fit.  (We've had people just appreciate the affirmation they are doing things correctly all the way to folks who need entirely new bicycles - so it all really depends where you are at with your riding and your gear.)

Once you've agreed to the changes and they are made it's time to ride the bicycle with the new adjustments to see how they feel.  It should be noted here that changes take time and some people will require more change than others to get in their ideal position.  Once you do you will experience more power with less effort and better comfort over various terrains at all levels of intensity.  You should leave the shop after this process with a much better understanding of how you and your bicycle interact with one another and thus, your riding from here on out should be much more enjoyable and comfortable!

Don't make the mistake of purchasing a bicycle because someone said it fits...Make sure it fits!