New Goings On...

Lot's of things have been happening daily around the shop and it usually keeps me too busy to put them on the site.  However, I do update our Facebook site more frequently so stay up to date with us there.  This group from Bike & Build (Similar to Habitat for Humanity) usually comes through this time of year and this year a bunch of fine young people decided to stop.  It was a pleasure meeting them and hearing their stories.  Each one was so full of life and they were really enjoying their adventure.  Hopefully they have a safe and enjoyable rest of their trip!  (Heading coast to coast for a great cause!)  Maybe you will be inspired to experience life by bicycle?  Remember that it's always better on a bike!
Mark with most of the group on a lovely summer day!
Happiness is.....

Possibly a new profile pic???  Everyone loves the TT helmets!
The best of friends!

Le Tour de France!!

It's that time of year again...Cycling's Super Bowl!  And it lasts almost an entire month!  Here's a guide to keep you up to speed for each day.  We've got 3 TV streaming live coverage each day.  We plan to organize some rides leaving from the shop in homage to this great race.  Feel free to organize your own group rides during the week and leaving from here.  Enjoy a coffee drink from World Cup Coffee or an ice cream or beer after your done.  The Tour is AWESOME!!  Happy riding all!!

Tour de France

Brone's Riders Spotted from Afar!!

We sell bikes to all people big and small, young and old, male and hopes they ride and ride often.  That said, I have a special place in my heart for those who have ridden in the Brone's clothing in areas not-so-close bye.  Here are a couple of shots taken recently of people riding the new kit in far away places.  Send me your photos of cycling adventures afar and I will post them!  Keep riding all!

Todd climbing a mountain in a race in Bend, OR.

Travis still looking fresh after having climbed this mountain in France!

Still Making the BEST Bikes Around!!

2014 Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 and Quarq.  Tasteful.

I thought you might like this one!  I got the request last weekend after a crashed bicycle left a local rider one racing bike short.  We talked about some options and after mentioning a few sites to look at he gave me the Pinarello Dogma go ahead....lucky me!  With Shimano Dura Ace Di2 and a number of other trick components this is what the finished product looks like.  I must say that my camera doesn't capture how stunning this bicycle looks in person and I'm sure it doesn't do justice to the ride quality but it is a taste of what we have been doing for customers for years.  Are you next?

Thursday Night Group Ride!

Toby, Nick, Scott, Carl, Keegan, Jim, Steve, Mark, Mark & Tom....where were you?!
The Thursday Night Group Ride saw the most people we've had so far for 2014. Hopefully you decide to start making this part of your cycling routine. Any age, skill level or gender is welcome. We usually take different routes based on speed and ride for 1:30 to 1:45 hours. Afterwards is social time with all sorts of topics of conversation being discussed. Bring your bike! Bring a friend! Let's RIDE!

Tuesday Night Time Trial Series!

The participants of our 1st Tuesday Night Time Trial of 2014!

Tonight was our first official night of racing.  We always start this series the first Tuesday in May and it goes through August culminating in a lovely evening of food, drink and prizes.  $20 and your signature on a waiver release form is all you need to register.  Of course the hard part is showing up each week to put your body and mind through a short and painful test.  We alternate courses between this 10 mile out and back flat with a 5 mile point to point featuring a 1 mile climb.  More detailed information and results can be found on our site in the events section.

Day 3 of Spring Training Group Rides

Day 3 faster group before they headed out.  Beautiful morning!
The third day of riding turned out to be the warmest of the weekend with temperatures in the mid 40's when we departed.  They got steadily warmer reaching highs in the upper 50's!  Of course it brought some stiff winds but most were able to duck and dodge on the back country roads of Buffalo County.  Thank you to all who helped make this edition one of the best ever!  Enjoy the 2014 riding season all!!