Day 3 of Spring Training Group Rides

Day 3 faster group before they headed out.  Beautiful morning!
The third day of riding turned out to be the warmest of the weekend with temperatures in the mid 40's when we departed.  They got steadily warmer reaching highs in the upper 50's!  Of course it brought some stiff winds but most were able to duck and dodge on the back country roads of Buffalo County.  Thank you to all who helped make this edition one of the best ever!  Enjoy the 2014 riding season all!!

Day 2 of Spring Training Group Rides!!!

Almost 60 people head out on a BEAUTIFUL spring day in March!!!
Today's turnout was awesome!  Almost 60 riders headed out for one of two rides.  55 miles with one hill and some spirited racing at the end and another group getting some base fitness with a little over 30 miles at a more friendly pace.  Join us tomorrow at 9 am for the final day of fun in what is sure to be the best weather we've had all year!!!  The season is HERE!!!  Rejoice!!

Day 1 of Annual Spring Training Group Rides

2014 Day 1 - Annual Spring Training Group Rides - HILL
It's that time of year again!  That's right, the last weekend in March.  It always ushers in a new cycling season.  This year we had awesome weather for the first day.  This one is usually the hardest of the 3 but it didn't deter 34 brave men and women from partaking.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be even better so come out and join us.  The ride leaves the shop at high noon.  There will be two groups.  One will go 55 miles and the other about 30 and at a slower pace.  Sunday sees us leaving the shop at 9:00 and again there will be two groups with similar distances and speeds like Saturday.  All are welcome!  (If you show up early World Cup Coffee will be experimenting with their waffle and crepe offerings and you can fuel up with half price meals...can't beat that!)

Wearing the new kit for 2014!
Here is the Thermal jacket, Pro Bib shorts and leg warmers.  Underneath is the Pro SS jersey, arm warmers and under layer.  All from Mt. Borah.  These will be our race kits for the next 3 years.  The initial order just arrived Thursday but it's never too late to get yours as we have a two week turnaround on re-orders.  I must say that I personally love the new kit in every way.  From fit to design I think it's a home run!

BBS Team Clothing Available to Order...

I hope you like the new design!  For the next 3 years this is what we'll look like out on the roads and trails.  The quality of these products have never been better and the prices haven't changed from years past.  As in years past you'll need to contact me with the sizes and garment type you'd like to order.  You will need to pay in full before we order.  E-mail me and I can provide you with the 3D Viewer of each garment you may be looking at.  (Note:  The computer resolutions look yellow on your screen but the true color will be Fluo Yellow which is a much brighter safety yellow....we will be SEEN!)  Also, I will have the photo of the women's clothing coming soon.  Same patterns only they will have a fluo pink in the fluo yellow areas.  For more accurate fit charts please go to Mt. Borah Sizing.    Please scroll down for pricing.

2014 Clothing Prices

OTW Speed Jersey          Very tight, tour-level jersey, powergrip technology    $ 80.00
OTW Bib                          New powergrip technology, 6-hour pad                 $ 115.00
Pro Jersey                                                                                                        $ 65.00
Pro Powerband Short                                                                                       $ 70.00
Pro Powerband Bib                                                                                          $ 80.00
WMNS Pro Jersey                        New for 2014, just like men’s                     $ 65.00
WMNS Pro Powerband Short       Revised for 2014                                        $ 70.00
WMNS Pro Powerband Bib          Revised for 2014                                        $ 80.00
Pro Long Slv Skin Suit                                                                                                                      120.00
Pro Short Slv Skin Suit                                                                                    $ 115.00
Team Short Slv Jersey                    Club cut                                                    $ 65.00
Team Long Slv Jersey                     Club cut                                                    $ 70.00
Team Cycling Short                          Club cut                                                  $ 60.00
COOL WEATHER                               
OTW Wind Jacket             New for 2014, better cut, reflective piping             $ 105.00
OTW Thermal Jacket       New for 2014, better cut, reflective piping               $ 155.00
OTW Wind Vest               New for 2014, better cut, reflective piping              $ 70.00
OTW Thermal Vest          New for 2014, better cut, reflective piping               $ 85.00


Leg Warmers                                                                                                 $ 30.00
Arm Warmers                                                                                                $ 30.00
OTW Skull Cap                   New for 2014, awesome underneath helmet       $ 20.00
Teosport Summer Gloves            New for 2014, hand-made in Italy               $ 30.00

Teosport Summer Booties           New for 2014, hand-made in Italy               $ 35.00

Socks TBD sometime down the road - $7 ea          Waterbottles - $5 ea

World Cup Coffee coming this Spring!

We've broken ground on our new business!  That's right, Brone's Bike Shop is adding a new business right here in the shop!  World Cup Coffee will be a full time coffee shop serving all those great drinks a good coffee shop does.  Plus, we'll have 8 flavors of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream for you to choose from.  You can put a scoop or two on top of our homemade Belgian Waffles or Crepes.  Since we'll be open morning, noon and night why not finish a ride with one of our bottled beers and a pizza?  Exciting times for us as a business but hopefully you are anxious to see what we're cooking up as well!  If all goes according to plan March will be hiring and training month so April we can go 'live' to the public.  I've include a few photos of what we've gotten done so far as well as the World Cup Coffee logo.  Look for signage going up outside soon indicating we're open for business.  Spring will be here before we know it!!







Happy New Year!!

Brone's Bike Shop would like to thank each and everyone of our customers for making 2013 a wonderful year in every way.  We are very appreciative of your continued support and friendships.  Hopefully your 2014 is filled with health and happiness and we look forward to spending it with you in some way or another.  Life is always better on a bicycle!  (Please note: The shop will be closed until Monday January 6th)
Zoran receiving his custom Surly Pugsley Fat Bike for Christmas.  His wife Alex had it built for him as a gift and I got the pleasure of dropping it off and witnessing the joy and surprise on his face.  Another special moment for me in the book of life memories!  This was the last bicycle sold for 2013 as we'll be closed until Monday, January 6th.                            (You can stop in and be our 1st customer for 2014!)

FAT is FUN!!!

Brone's Bike Shop just got FAT! That's right, we're finally on the bandwagon of Fatness! This is just a sampling of some of the items we now have in stock. Tires, tubes, pedals, wheels and complete bikes....stop in and check them out! Stay tuned for a couple of sweet custom builds coming down the pike and also take note on Strava, FB or our website for ride times and group rides! Looking forward to being Fat and Happy this Holiday Season and well into 2014!!!
Our first run of Fat Bike products ready for you to enjoy!